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Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.


Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (CHMM) was founded in 1997 with the registered capital of 13 million dollars. CHMM is located in Chaoyang Shuangta District, covers an area of 66,000 square meters, among that, 30,000 square meters are covered by plant. CHMM has 230 staffs and 42 staffs of them are technical staffs who got superiror or intermediate level of professional qualifications. CHMM enjoy the right to operate import and export, and passed the ISO9001 certification in 2004.

CHMM is a member of “Liaoning enterprise technology center”, CHMM has the comprehensive methods of design, experiment, testing and measurement method. CHMM has a technology center which consists of mechanical design department, process flow design department, electrical automation design department and a research and development laboratory. In addition, CHMM has owns advanced system for manufacturing and has numbers of modern equipment for welding, machining and assembly.


The company's main business is the EPC turnkey engineering and professional equipment for the following industries: chemical, metallurgical industries of all sizes of active lime production line; cement industry Nissan 2500 tons of cement production line; power industry coal grinding machine, flue gas desulphurization facilities of limestone powder of preparing students production line; in non-ferrous metal metallurgy, metal magnesium calcined dolomite and zinc oxide production line; beneficiation process crushing, grinding ore, classification, magnetic separation, flotation, filtration, concentration, mixer and other complete sets of equipment, provide a variety of complete sets of equipment for the annual production capacity of 10 million tons and above large mines; petroleum industry of new energy-saving type gravity balance oil pumping machine with special equipment.


Companies adhering to the "have first-class staff, challenge of first-class technology, to create first-class brand" of the enterprise purpose, constant self breakthrough, enhance the level of independent research and development, the courage to develop new areas and new products in the industry, in the business strategy by equipment manufacturing enterprises successful transition to complete sets of equipment suppliers. Formed with an annual output of 100 thousand tons of production capacity of a set of product design, independent development, production, installation, commissioning, product sales, technical services as one of the major Integrated Company. Widely recognized and praised by the industry, and thus lay the foundation for enterprise development, has won a greater development space. Whether it is technical research and development, production capacity or the humanities and the environment are in the same industry leading level.


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